It has almost been forty-six years since mobile phones were invented. Motorola was the first company to introduce mobile phone. It was the era when the industrial revolutionary period of digitization began. With the passage of time new mobile phone companies came into being and due to strong competition, many of them were left behind and many are still running strong in the race.  As the time passed latest inventions were discovered, new ideas were originated and these innovations resulted in the conversion of simple mobile phones into the modernized smart phones. Now we are living in the period of fourth industrial revolution which has originated the idea of Artificial Intelligence.  

Every other equipment surrounding us has Artificial Intelligence program installed in it and so does our smart phones. In this contest of smart phones, the two of the biggest smart phone companies which are running side by side are Samsung and IPhone companies respectively. The debate has been going on since ages that which smart phone was introduced first? Which among them have better features? Which one of them have longer battery life? Which one has finer camera results and the list goes on. But in this article, we will be only discussing about Samsung s7 or more specifically about Samsung s7 edge screen protector in Brisbane.  


Some time back, around 2016 Samsung s7 edge was introduced in the mobile phone market. At that time, it stirred the smart phone market with its amazing and unique features. People invested huge sum of money to buy that smart phone so this investment needs to be protected and this protection is provided through smart phone’s cases and screen protectors. In our daily lives misadventures keeps happening and as we always have our smart phones along with us there are high chances of it falling down and getting scratched or even broken. Even though such protectors or cases does not provide hundred percent of protection against high falls and big unfortunate mishaps but it can still some what protect your smart phone from complete destruction. 

These glass or sheet protectors add another layer of protection among your smart phone’s screen making it safer. Even though some people consider glass protectors and mobile phone’s cases as an accessory rather than a necessity but others consider it a necessity, especially the screen protectors. Moreover, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Hence, these protectors are extremely important for our smart phones. 


Screen protectors are essential for our smart phones, to protect them from being scratched or getting broken. There are various kinds of screen protectors some of which are going to be discussed in this article. There are tempered glass protectors which provides protection against scratches and other unfortunate incidents. Then there are plastic protectors which generally secures the smart phone from getting scratched. One of the most useful screen protectors are multi-layered screen protectors, they are quite durable and can withstand decent amount of misadventures. Now the topic of our discussion is going to be that which kind of glass protector is suitable for Samsung s7 edge. As Samsung s7 edge has both its back and front made up of fine layer of glass so it needs to have a protector. There are various screen protectors that can be suitable for Samsung s7 edge. Some of them are: otter box alpha glass, invisible shield glass curve, armor suit military shield, etc. They are ranked according to their rates which may vary from $12 to $55. On the whole we can say that glass protector is a necessity for our Samsung s7 edge and if we hold it dear enough to save them then we should put screen protector on it. 


Conclusively, it can be said that smart phone case and screen protectors are must. If we can spend large sum of money to buy a smart phone then can’t we spend a bit more to make our smart phone durable. Latest kinds of screen protectors of Samsung s7 edge are now available in market and can easily be bought. One of the best and most durable screen protectors can be found at side kick mobile store who will always be by your side.