In the era of fashion, shoes are also considered one of the important parts of this fashion industry. a dress is considered to be imperfect without the correct choice of shoes.  with the age of the fashion industry, the need for more appropriate and comfortable shoes has been enlarged. Many organizations now manufacturing a vast variety of shoes to satisfy the user’s needs and requirements. Shoes are unavoidable equipment for roads. Shoes always play a crucial role to protect your feet from infections and dust. Wearing shoes that don’t have correct leather shoe care products can cause long-lasting foot aches or permanent joint pain. thus, choosing the best products while manufacturing the shoes that not satisfies the user’s need but also give comfort.  Correct shoes give comfort while bad shoes can give you not only foot and joint ache but also back pain.  

Leather Shoes: 

The popularity of leather shoe is in both the males and females, in the earliest centuries simple leather boots and shoes are manufactured to protects the person feet from the bad climate and injuries occurred during walking, as the shoes absorb all the effect of walking thus there must be the correct choice of leather product is obligatory. only buying leather shoes not restricted your work, but maintaining the condition of the leather is also a task that can be done by the consumers. Leather show manufacturing companies do not provide their other shoes accessories but also leather shoe care products to maintain the shoes in the original colour. The leather shoe manufacturing organizations manufactured various leather shoes, for instances sneakers, hiking boots, leather boots, and sandals, etc.  The use of variants of types of leather can help you to easily distinguish between the genre of the leather. The common types of leather shoes included aniline leather, nubuck, pigmented smooth leather, oiled leather, and suede. 

Aniline Leather Care: 

Some of the aniline leather darkens with the liquid. Some of the aniline leather upper surface is absorbent. Aniline leather shoes are quite expensive thus the aniline leather care products are also costly. With time, the leather fades away, and spots of dust and another element become prominent. Basic three aniline leather care products are available in the market named colour lock aniline cream, colour lock waterproofing, and colour lock gloss cream. 

 Suede Shoes: 

Suede shoes become darkened with time.  So, to maintain the real colour we have to apply the suede leather shoe care products. These leather shoe care products include thinner, recoloring agents, and only four steps. You should remove the dust from it, with a help of a crepe brush, deeply clean the shoe surface, apply suede cleaner, a leather shoe care product over it and lastly recolor it. 

Nubuck leather shoe care product: 

The nubuck leather shoe care product includes a dry brush to remove the dust from it, an eraser to remove the hardcore stains. Foam is such a leather shoe care product consisting of slight liquid to add shine to the surface of the shoe. 

Shoe Insole: 

Shoe insoles are available in the market to protect the feet from aches.  Another name of shoe insoles is shoe inserts. People wanted to buy shoes that give them comforts rather than ache. With the advancement of fashion variety of shoes are now available in the market some are comfortable some are not. Thus, the consumer buys shoe insole that five their feet support that helps in walking. Buy shoe insole gives you choices to select one from various like an antimicrobial shoe insole. People with foot stinking problems prefer to buy shoe insole of this type as it keeps the stink factor down. To keep things running smoothly many users recommended that to buy shoe insole of low friction. 

The main purpose to buy shoe insole is to enhance the support system of the shoes. Sometimes, having a shoe insole in shoes is quite frustrating. We all need to buy shoe insoles for the fancy shoes because flat shoes never cause foot injuries and they are comfortable all day long. The athletes and sport shoe companies buy shoe insoles and insert them in them that make the shoes more comfortable and improve their performance. Buy shoe insole for the first time is a challenging task, as you considered various factors like which insole adds more comfort, which enhances the balance or safety during the walk, and many other factors.