MS appeals: Expectation VS Reality


MS stands for “Multiple Sclerosis”, avoidable disease by most of the patients, can affect your brain; spinal cord and it also have adverse effects on your sense of sight. Most of the people are not even familiar with this type of disease and most of them think that with the passage of time they will be fine. Another serious issue is that they are not aware of the fact that it can be cured as modern technology has made the life of man more secure but still people are not having the insight. They are fighting with their diseases by themselves and call them as “Doctors of their own!” 

Can we survive with MS?  

Most of the patients are so depressed that they feel that they might die with disease and their situation got more worsens. But with medication and awareness, their situation can become better and they can be the part of society. In this materialistic world, people are impatient and their anger leads them to death bed. Most of the people think that anger is an involuntary action and they cannot control their selves when angry but that’s not the case. It’s all in your mind. Everything is processed through mind and our mind sends message very actively and we used to respond on the spot. One must be relaxed in every situation and to overcome this disease, one must stay positive. It is becoming very common now a days as whoever read the symptoms can relate it with them. So stay positive, stay healthy! 

MS is a myth  

In today’s world where there is a lot of propaganda, it is very easy to get the wrong idea. So is happening about how to manage this disease. And social media is somehow spreading false news regarding its cure and how to deal with it and people are very much prone to believing on such news. On the other hand, experts are of the view that at early stages, this disease can be cured with symptoms like: depression, trouble walking, tiredness, sexual issues, pain, poor bladder and bowl movement, short terms memory loss, numbness and tingling. Some people think that this disease can lead them to wheelchair. While research shows that at least three out of four people never lose the ability to walk and it’s not that deadly disease which makes people just confined to the bed. Mostly, people think that it’s an old age disease but that’s not the case, even younger ones are falling to prey. Another myth is that it’s not safe for women with MS appeals to get pregnant. So, all we need is just awareness! 

Another issue arises is of total cost for the disease cure and if the patient meets the total cost issue, there arises another issue of delays and denials of medication.  

MS Appeals 

When there is a denial of coverage, patients and healthcare providers should pursue an appeal when they think whether the treatment indicated for the patient is necessary, whether the patient’s plan cover the suggested treatment or not, whether the denial is based on some clerical error, or if the payment become unaffordable for the patient to meet the needs of Medicure! 

MS prescription plan is available online for the patient’s to fully understand the sensitivity of the issue beforehand. Online assistance provides patients with detailed information of what are the symptoms, how it can be cured and how can they afford it.  

Best Practices  

The following practices can provide the patients an insight from MS healthcare providers: 

  1. On finding the symptoms, consult the specialist and make an appeal 
  1. Get to know each and everything about symptoms and it’s prescribed medicine 
  1. Go for electronic medical records  
  1. If your appeal has been denied, go for discount programs 

MS is a reality which can be cured by having proper diet, emotional strength, spiritual strength, mental health, and work out with your relationships. Do not expect anything more than beyond the fact rather face the reality and become the active member of society by leaving your fears behind. You are the ultimate cure for your heart and mind!