Level the playing field for jobs with RPL.


Contrary to popular belief, even everyday life can be a rich, intensive learning experience. There are so many skills that we may inadvertently pick up as we carry out specific tasks. Many of us don’t even realize the value of the skills that we pick up doing small jobs and tasks through our lives. This is because of one sad truth of our world – our achievements and knowledge is only recognized if it is certified. We can have the best skills for any job, and the most knowhow, but none of it will count if we do not have a paper that says we do. This can be quite a sad truth and a huge hurdle for those of us who do not have formal qualifications to attest to our skills, but rather we only have unquantifiable experience. The job world today can be full of people who have documents to attest to their knowledge, and they can be preferred by employers over those of us who have no formal degrees or certificates. Just this very simple lack of a degree or certificate can mean that we can find ourselves in a rut for the rest of our lives, as we struggle to get the recognition that we deserve and as we struggle to progress in our field.  

What can make matters worse is that often what a piece of paper can attest to can be hard to apply to real life situation. What we learn in classrooms with the help of teachers can often not translate when we step into the real world and start to practically apply our information. No practical’s can also actually imitate fully real life situations and this is why many graduates can find that the real world is a completely different situation as compared to what they learn in any classroom. It can take these graduates then some time to adjust to the dynamics of the real world. On the other hand, those of us who have been working without formal degrees already are equipped with the skills we need to deal with the real world situation we are faced with. In addition to this, we also have theoretical knowhow of our job, because practical expertise can never be attained without nay theoretical knowledge. 

This interesting blend can make us the best candidate for any job in our field, but unfortunately for us, most companies and employers just do not recognize prior learning. Our learning is only important if we can prove it, via a certificate or a degree. For someone who has been working from the get go, heading to school again can be a major inconvenience. In fact, in some cases it can be downright impossible. Those of u show are supporting our families cannot afford to give up on our jobs and head to school once again. Getting an education can be immensely time consuming, with having to attend classes and also to prepare for tests. In addition to this, it is no secret that a high level education can be extremely expensive as well. Furthermore, heading to school can be as if we have to start all over again. We will have to sit in classes studying things that we already know like the back of our hands, and it can be a tiring, dull and demeaning experience for anyone who doesn’t know of RPL in NSW. 

RPL is the savior for all of us who have all the experience and knowledge, but no formal qualification. It can be used by those of us who have not completed our studies as well, but do have a certain level of school based knowledge. RPL basically seeks to recognize all that we have learned in the past, whether it is through an incomplete degree or through experience and it can give us a degree based on that. Therefore, in a few short weeks, we can have a degree simply on the basis of all the experience that we have gained throughout our life for our specific skill set.  Having RPL can mean that we save our time and money, and get the due reward for the efforts that we have put into our jobs. 

At Skills Certified you can register for RPL for a large range of skills, such as engineering, carpentry and much more. They can allow you to increase your wage and employment opportunities and level the playing field as you head out into the job market.