Man was sent in this world to look deep into the hidden aspects of earth, to quest for the scenic beauty present in it, to find and explore the nature. He was sent in this world with a mission to explore the unsolved puzzles, to find a meaning behind these picturesque sceneries. When a person wanders around in vast landscape and watches charming beauty of nature his belief in the existence of God grows even more as he comes to realize that such a scenic beauty can only be created by a supreme power.  

But unfortunately, today’s man is living a monotonous life in which he gets up, goes for work, comes back, watches news and goes back to sleep. He has become a robot with the same life pattern following every day. It is not inadequate to have a certain direction in life and in trying to achieve that aim man has to struggle for it. But the problem arises when a person works non-stop without a break, he becomes tedious and dull. As the saying goes that all work and no play makes a man boring and bored at same time. 


Resort can be described as a place which is created for the purpose of relaxation or in other words a place where you can enjoy your holidays. Samoa accommodation Resorts are mostly created along the sea shore so that people who come there to relax can experience a soothing effect by living closer to the nature and what else can be more subtle than the flowing water. When a man wants to take a break from his hectic, regular routine and if he has enough resources; he goes to resorts to enjoy some peaceful time. Resorts are beautifully constructed with every necessity of life present there in a luxurious way. They are mostly made in vast landscapes or nearer to water falls because people prefer to spend their holidays in places which are closer to nature because they have had enough of city life. 


Even though each resort contains every kind of facility in it yet they are classified on the basis of the prominent factor present in them. For example, the resorts which are present nearer to beach are known as beach resorts, those which are located on islands are known as island resorts, those which are provided with every kind of luxury of life are known as luxury resorts, similarly some are located on mountains, some nearer to lake and are named after them, some offers skiing so are named as ski resort and the list goes on. 


Mainly the difference between a hotel and resorts lies on the type of activities they provide, kind of luxuries they offer and the area where they are located. Resorts are situated on the places with wider landscapes that is why they offer more luxuries and activities, for instance swimming, hiking, gym and spa facilities, etc. Hence, resorts attract larger audience and people tend to stay there for longer days. The price of these resorts varies from place to place. It depends upon location where it is located, luxuries that resort is offering and its popularity among people. 

One of the best four-star luxury resorts is situated on Samoa island. It goes by the name of sinalei and has been voted as the best resort.  They offer to explore Samoa there with sun kissed days and star filled nights. It’s an adult only escape from the outside world to celebrate their private time. 


Man is always after achieving something, since he is born, he has been struggling to get in the race of world, where people often gets lost but they just keep following the route they have set for the. Hence, to find themselves from being lost, exotic resorts have been created so that a person can live there for few days and can have some me time. One of the best resorts with every kind of facility available there is sinalei resort which is voted as the best four-star luxury resort at Samoa. It offers seasonal packages every now and then and can be rented easily with reasonable prices.