Everything You Need To Know About Collagen Proteins


Collagens are an important part of our body as they help in shaping-up our skin, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilages, to name a few. Therefore it is important to take care of them when it comes to maintaining the health of the human body. Goes without saying that after water, collagen is one thing which is found in abundance in our body but as we age, its quantity starts to deteriorate, affecting us differently at various point in times. Therefore, we should know when to start the supplements to maintain balance. There are various beauty collagen pills and in-takes up for grabs in the market but one cannot be sure about them as these vary based upon the types of collagen. It is imperative that one must take up only those supplements which are going to serve the purpose at hand by choosing the right type of it. Inessa has been doing a good job in this regard, as it clearly specifies and guides the buyers to help them in making the right decision. There are generally three types of collagen proteins, type I, II & III which contains various amino acids serving and supporting different functions in the human body. You can take type I & III together as these could help in various skin related situations, nail and hair growth, muscles and bones shaping and mass. On the other hand, type II must be taken separately as it makes fluids in the body and functions in the joints, therefore, keep it separate from the other two for adequate consumption or absorption. Over 90% of collagen protein found in the human body is made of type I & III only.  

There are a few things that one must bear in mind about the subject matter in order to have a better idea about the collagen supplements so when the time comes you could make a right decision, such as: 

Meeting The Body Needs 

There exist common questions in the minds of consumers that if our body produces collagen then why do we have to opt for the beauty collagen supplements to keep up with them. We must know that with the passage of time, our body’s ability to produce sufficient amount of collagen starts to deflate, making it difficult for it to meet the demand. Research says that by the age of 40 we lose 40% of collagen supply in the body while by the age of 60, it goes up to 50%. Though there are other means to keep up with this surfeit demands by consuming a well-settled diet then again, this gets unpleasing for some people to do so hence they opt for the supplements.  

Perks of Type I & II Collagen 

You can take these collagen supplements Australia for the betterment of your hair, nail, skin, bone, and muscle. The method is to take them separately form type II, can consume it with juice in the morning. There are certain perks that it brings on the table such as improvising on the fine lines and wrinkles, supporting the bone matrix, bettering the elasticity helps in improving blood circulation, reduces hair loss while thickening the fine hair. These are a few of the many benefits that one can take from these supplements. It is also being said that it increases the hydration of the skin by 28% in order to make it look more supple and radiant. There’s a reason, collagen has been used commonly in the beauty products crossover. 

The Perk of Type II Collagen 

It is suggested to consume it on an empty stomach for better effectiveness and never take it with type I or II supplements. The perks one could get from in-taking beauty collagen supplements are comprised of making proteins in cartilage, reducing the popping of knees, support the back in various situations.  

Goes without saying that finding the right supplement as per your needs gets a lot easier when you know what to look out for into it. These are considered safe to consume, beneficial and appropriate beauty supplements for adults of all ages as these are also available in different forms, depending on what suits you or serves the purpose at hand sufficiently. Besides, things get easier to consume or to choose when you have enough information about them in your head, so always brush up knowledge before getting into something especially if it would have an effect on your body and its health.