Everything you need to know about cloud computing

Cloud computing is a breeze in today’s world of technology and so much information to process, store, and manage. This term is not easily understandable by many and people often find it difficult to understand about the real mechanism of cloud computing. In this article everything about cloud computing and other IT services are going to be covered in detail. Keep on reading to find out more

What is cloud computing? 

It is a term called for a network of remote servers to act as a host on the internet to store, process, and manage data instead of storing the bulk data on computer or in personal hard drive that can easily be misplaced or your data can easily get affected or lost. This method is completely safe and reliable for storing bulk data for the longest time you want and it will go nowhere. The user doesn’t even have to actively manage the data all the time, the server will automatically do its job as it is programmed at the first place. 

Who is a Cloud computing Expert? 

As it is a technical work related to information technology, an IT professional with an experience in programming and cloud computing tasks like planning, maintenance, designing, support, and management. An expert is required to have knowledge of AWS cloud services and Microsoft Azure. He must have a hands on experience of system architectural and troubleshooting skills. 

He is responsible for assisting companies in moving their data and services to the cloud and there should be no interruptions or distortions during the migration. A cloud computing specialists in Varsity lakes will ensure that it is perfectly done through analysing and examining the requirements of the company and pick the best cloud technology accordingly to keep the company running smoothly and doing its tasks effortlessly. Some programming languages awareness is a prerequisite to become a cloud specialist like Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Swift, Kotlin, Go, C &C++, and Rust. 

The cloud computing expert is responsible for multiple roles and specializations like he should be a Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, Cloud System and Network Engineer. To become a cloud computing specialist you just need to take courses of Microsoft Azure for AWS experts. 

How to Become a Cloud Computing Expert 


To get a good job with reputable company and reasonable salary having a certification would add up to your resume especially in the IT world. Microsoft and Amazon are both cloud networks and provide certifications and offer training programmes as well like Amazon Web Services certification, Azure certification, and Google Cloud Certificate. Have said that one thing has to be kept in mind that having these certifications alone will definitely add value to your resume and increase the chances of getting selected for a job but doesn’t guarantee you the job. 

Basics of Cloud Computing 

No matter whether you are a new comer or a professional in the field the expectations from you will always be to deliver your best. For that matter there are some basics of cloud computing that everyone pursuing their career in the field must keep in mind and those are as follows. 

What is Computer Security? Essentials of, access policies, encryption, data security, etc.), Networking – Routing, IP addresses, networking layers, networking protocols, Linux and pI/SQL. Computer Architecture, i-e Principles of System Design and details surrounding it 

Who are Cloud Service Providers? 

There are several cloud service providers, so read and garner knowledge about most of them especially the widely patronized ones. All these cloud service providers have their consoles and portals made available for free to all interested people. Register with them and get access on these services to understand how they work. 

Cloud service providers can be many and there are, any service provider with their online portal made available for free to its users is known as a cloud service provider. You just have to register with them to get access of all of their available services for the people. Amazon and Azure are two of the most common service providers of cloud computing. Get connected with us and meet our IT professionals for best IT services in Varsity lakes