Friendly and Tailored Real Estate Services

The real estate market can be extremely daunting for many individuals who are not trained in the process of buying or selling properties which makes it confusing for everyday people to buy or sell a particular property that they are interested in. However, services exist which can help streamline the process of buying, selling or even conducting a property appraisal in Launceston process on a property that you are looking to buy or sell. The key point to keep in mind is that there should be absolute trust between the real estate agent and the client who is using the services of the real estate agent to buy or sell a particular property. Without this transparency in the entire process, one can rest assured that the client will not be satisfied with the quality of service that they get when considering the real estate services that are provided by a particular real estate agent.  

Transparency for a Hassle-Free Real Estate Service 

At Harcourts, we recognise the importance of having transparency when conducting any kind of work with our clients and we strive to providing service to our clients with which they can benefit the most while making sure that they get quality service from us. We are experienced in looking for houses for sale and have an extensive directory of houses for sale that are available currently on the market. With our expertise, you can get the perfect house for sale that is well suited for your requirements and needs. At Harcourts, our team is friendly and accommodating to the requests that our clients make which means that we can give a personalised service to each one of our clients. We can also offer the services of keeping you up to date with potential properties that meet your search criteria when it comes to finding houses for sale for your requirements. This can be extremely beneficial for people who are looking to buy a house but are not intending to buy it straight away, waiting for the most opportune moment to buy a house.  

Property Appraisal Services for Accurate Valuation of Properties 

We also provide property appraisal services which are important in the real estate market simply because each property is unique in its condition and the amenities that are provided by the property. This necessitates professional valuation of the property to take place before an adequate price can be put on that particular property which considers the different kinds of utility that can be provided by the property. Property appraisal services ensure that a particular property is neither overpriced nor under-priced which makes the service is essential when it comes to buying or selling a particular property. Not having property appraisal services conducted on a particular property that a person is looking to buy or sell, can result in great losses for either the buyer or the seller; a situation in which neither of the parties’ wants to be in. 

Real estate services can also be beneficial for clients who own several different properties and are looking for experienced property management services to provide the necessary care and attention to their properties. This also includes services that are often needed to ensure that tenants are provided with the facilities that they required when considering a property that has been rented out to individuals. Property appraisal services can also play an important role in these scenarios as the rent can be adjusted according to the return that the owner of the property is expecting and the value of the property itself. These property management services can reduce the hassle that is associated with managing various properties that might be scattered in a range of different neighbourhoods and can ensure an effective and well organised approach to managing different properties.  

Dependable Real Estate Services 

At Harcourts, we provide a complete and comprehensive suite of real estate services to all our clients which includes finding houses for sale in Riverside and even conducting property appraisals which allows us to meet the needs of every stakeholder in the real estate industry. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your particular property or, you need high-quality property management services, Harcourts can provide you with the benefit of over 17 years of experience in the industry leaving you with a real estate service that you can truly depend upon.  

Believe Us, You Still Need A Real Estate Agent!


While on a search of property or renting their own, people usually hesitate from contacting real estate agents. Long gone are the days when this was the first thing people did. There was a time when the idea of flying solo was completely alien, but then the shift happened, and people now don’t want to spend a penny on giving commission. While most of the people think they are capable and smart enough to don the hat of a real estate agent, we don’t. Selling or buying a home is a major decision and it cannot be taken by anyone who isn’t experienced in it. Believe us, you still need a real estate agent to get you through, and here are all the reasons why! 

Convenience & Better Access 

You might think of yourself as a jack of all trades, but you aren’t. If you look at what real estate agents do, their full-time job is to act as a bridge of communication between sellers and buyers. They have access to all the rental properties in Mitcham and properties for sale out there. This means that they know which property is going around in what price and what kind of deal should be struck between a buyer and a seller. As far as you are finding the buyer or seller yourself is concerned, you can’t possibly go around town finding properties that will interest you. Neither do you know how to strike a deal, and nor do you know how to track down all the potential houses that can interest you. A real estate agent will go around finding houses as per your requirements, get in touch with the sellers’ agents, set time for the meetings between you and the selling party and take you for the visitation as well. You just have to make sure you are available and settle down on the price. If you look at these humongous tasks that you will have to do yourself, we are sure you will know, you won’t be able to.  


Negotiations are the most important yet the trickiest part of the house purchase. Most of the people don’t like involving real estate agents because they assume that the direct involvement of a buyer and seller result in transparent and better conduct. This can be considered true since at this point and time both the parties are interested to take the relationship further. However, this truth doesn’t come easy. This relationship is a tricky one and negotiations aren’t everyone’s cup of tea either. Let’s consider an example here. Suppose you loved the architecture of the house, its location, the way it has been designed and all the external components, etc. But, you did not like the color it is painted, and the wallpaper looks hideous to you. Obviously, you will change them as per your own taste, which will cost you good bucks. Now directly conveying this message to the seller might be something you aren’t good at. You can’t tell them their taste is bad and you can’t live with that wallpaper and color. Here comes the expertise of a real estate agent. He has the capability to convey the same message in such a way that it won’t offend the seller, while the discount will be negotiated as well. If push comes to shove, sometimes the real estate agent becomes the bad guy, so you don’t have to face problems in a long run. We are almost sure a common person does not have the capability to negotiate and settle down on the mutually beneficial terms like a pro. 

The Tricky Business Of Contracts 

The legal transactions, contracts and other related matters aren’t exactly easy to handle either.  A proper contract has to be made that maps out all he legal terms in advance, so no party suffer a loss or damage if something is to happen. A real estate agent is better equipped with all the clauses that need to go up, as they are handling multiple contracts and legal dealings on a regular basis. They will help you settle down any dispute that might arise with regards to the contract.