5 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid For 186 Visa

Goes without saying that obtaining Australian migration visa has become tougher in recent times and there are constant updates coming and going in the overall visa processing system. Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) has been striving to ensure that there’s utmost security to visas against fraud and criminal activities, considering this they have been thoroughly scrutinizing the subclass visa 186 with 30% refusal rate and 187 visas with 50% refusal rate. One cannot imagine applying for the migration visa without taking expert services aboard.  There could have been various reasons of refusal which too are never communicated explicitly by the DoHA but where it is a result of lack of eligibility on the applicants end, it is also due to the poorly filled in application forms, incorrect submission of documents or minor careless mistakes, landing the whole process into a ship of refusal for the applicant.  

There are many agents available across Australia who could help you through the process of visa application and migration to Australia but it is important that you work with someone who is high on credibility and also, has relevant vast experience. SCA Connect has been doing great in providing up to the minute custom consultation to its clients without giving them any false hopes. They ensure that the applicant is not making any careless mistakes in the documentation or the application process. Below are given a list of common mistakes which could affect the scope of your application to a great extent, such as: 

Sufficient Support Documents 

It is important that you provide suitable and sufficient documentation proof with your application in order to land the visa, your 186 visa agent in Sydney would help you in figuring that as per your personal circumstances because your requirements would vary from case to case given the situation and circumstances at hand. You will have to satisfy the DoHA that you justify all the requirements of the visa class based on your personal conditions and hence, should be awarded the migration.  

No Imminent Response 

Another common mistake that applicant of 186 visa Australia make is once they have uploaded the case file, they would not check their emails or immiAccount on which DoHA would contact in case of further information requirement. They will clearly state the type of documents needed to be uploaded and also the time frame in which those must be submitted, failing to do so often lead people to get rejection. Therefore be very vigilant on that end. 

Incorrect File Format/ Poor Quality Documents 

Both could land you in hot waters as DoHA has clearly stated the type of formats which are acceptable, you are not supposed to submit file formats otherwise. Moreover, if the quality of the scan is poor then it too could lead to delays in processing and eventually into a refusal, therefore, be very specific about the quality when you are uploading a final batch of documents for your migration. 

Uploading Incorrect Documents 

The organization is very important along with patience when you are uploading a pack of documents for your 186 visa, because there are many cases which got refused because of uploading the incorrect files. When you take a 186 visa agent aboard, he or she will ensure that your organization and management of documents in on point and at par with what is expected from the concerned authority.  

If Ready Then Apply Right Away 

If you are ready to apply for the Australian migration visa then it is recommended to do so right away as DoHA laws and policies keep on changing every time and again. You never know system might get crash or a new clause might appear on the screen or the processing gets stretched. So when you know that you are ready to apply and can provide with all the supporting document then you should not be lazy at that time and must apply instantly.  

These are the common yet crucial mistakes which are easier to ignore if we are aware of them but as most of us are not, therefore, getting an agent who is well aware of all of these mistakes would come very handy for the health of your application and then on the outcome of it. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire an agent whenever you intend to apply for the migration abroad.