Children are the greatest blessings of God but everyone is not bestowed with this blessing. Even if a person has every possession of this world but is deprived of children, he is going to feel lonely and after sometime miserable as well. The couples who could not get pregnant naturally seeks for other methods to get themselves pregnant. These methods can be surrogacy or other fertility measures, etc. Today our topic of article is about fertilization and fertility clinics. 

Obstetricians and Gynecologist: 

Before getting to know more about fertility clinic in Melbourne we must first know about who actually are obstetricians and gynecologists. There is a very thin difference between both professions. Obstetricians are physicians who have done the specialization in pregnancy, child birth and women’s reproductive system. Whereas a gynecologist deals with every issue of women’s reproductive system, be it a pregnancy, hormonal problems, menstruation issue, child birth, sexually transmitted infections, etc. 

Fertility clinic: 

Fertility clinics are the medical clinics which offers the barren couples to get pregnant. The people who can not get pregnant naturally, seeks doctors help for medical advice. These doctors can be gynecologists and obstetricians. They have their private clinics as well government jobs. These clinics in which they sit are known as fertility clinic. Doctors are also known as demi-god as after God they are, they are the only ones who can help you or save you in health-related matters. 

The process of fertilization: 

Fertilization can be defined as a process in which eggs and sperms merge together to form an egg. This egg later develops into a zygote and then the later stages of development takes places. Every living thing goes through the process of fertilization but sometimes due to natural disability or any hormonal problems a woman can not get pregnant easily. For this purpose, fertility clinics have been made which guides the couple in this process of fertilization. 

Various methods of fertilization: 

First and foremost, the most natural method is of direct fertilization but the couples who finds difficulty in getting pregnant easily needs to go through different methods of fertilization. Some of the natural ways of getting pregnant can be to have a check record of your menstrual cycle, have healthy food, take vitamins, monitor ovulation, try to have sex during fertility period, refrain from taking any kind of stress, etc. But if a person fails to conceive by these methods then the fertility treatments are to be taken. First both partners are checked thoroughly, questions are asked and after the whole analytical procedure gets done the suitable treatment is given.  

Types of fertility treatments: 

Fertility treatments are basically of two types. First one is intrauterine insemination, in this treatment healthy sperm is taken and is inserted into the uterus during the time of ovulation. This process is done when the respective partner of a woman is deficient of healthy sperms. So, the healthy sperm that has been donated by people is inserted in woman’s uterus. Second treatment is known as in vitro fertilization, in this type of fertilization eggs are taken from the woman’s ovary and is fertilized in laboratory with healthy sperm, where they fertilize and forms embryo. This type of treatment is usually done when woman is unable to carry the fetus in her embryo.  

There is another form of fertilization which goes by the name of surrogacy. In this type, the sperm and eggs of intended mother and father are fertilized and then put in the womb of another woman who is not genetically tied to the baby but carries it around in her womb for nine months. 


Children are the important part of everyone’s life and without them life seems to be incomplete. Some parents are naturally blessed with children while others find it difficult to conceive naturally so they go through various methods to get pregnant. For such couple’s special fertility clinics have been opened. Similarly, one of the best in clinic in Melbourne is Dr. Guy skinner clinic. They offer two procedures of birth deliveries; one is known as maternity 1 while the other process is known as maternity+.