All you need to know about all terrain wheelchairs


Wheelchairs are used by people who have some kind of disability that renders them incapable of walking properly or not at all. People that have certain kinds of paralysis also use wheelchairs that allow them to operate it with the parts of their body that they still have control over. Other diseases such as sclerosis and arthritis or some injury also cause people to lose their mobility but with the introduction of these devices, people are still able to enjoy their freedom. Wheelchairs are mobility devices and are basically like a chair that has been fitted with wheels. They can either be manual which means that they have to be pushed or the user can move the wheel by themselves or they can be automated and have a set of controls that allow the user to maneuver them. They come as a savior for anyone who is disabled as it gives them a way to regain their freedom as well as the flexibility to move around as you want without the need of other people. These traditional wheelchairs have the drawback of not being equipped to deal with outdoor terrain and activity. However, if you are an adventurist and love outdoor activity then the all-terrain wheelchair is the perfect solution for you. They are specially designed for places like beaches, jungles and deserts. You no longer have to worry about how you are going to explore the things that you want with your disability as you can easily mount and dismount them without any support. You can enjoy a day out at the beach and even go exploring in the jungle with this latest and affordable solution to mobility. 

The all-terrain wheelchair allows people to go in the water while still on the chair and provide a better sense of mobility on terrain that is uneven such as beaches and even in the snow. The common feature among all of them is that they have extra-wide wheels that allow for greater stability. These wide tires will help spread the weight of the user over a larger surface and while travelling over snow, they help travel on top without the fear of sinking. There are many different types of all terrain wheelchair

  1. Mountain Trikes are three wheeled and have a lever drive system and allow users to access areas that seem inaccessible with other wheelchairs. The lever is like a joystick that helps controlling the rear wheel and it is also equipped with hydraulic brakes that keep it balanced and comfortable. It is also easy to fold and store in the back of a car. 
  1. The BOMA 7 is shaped like a small car and is perfect for those people that prefer off roading. It had a steel tube frame and has a joystick or a handlebar for controlling the wheelchair depending on what is easy for the user. It has one standard size but the footplate and seating are adjustable so that everyone can enjoy it. If you want it for a more domestic use then it can be fitted with lights as well. 
  1. The Mybility Four is another type that can be effectively used in all terrains as well as in your house as it is easy to maneuver. You can easily take it uphill or downhill, over mud and grass, and even in the snow as it is a four-wheel drive and comes with powerful motors. It also has many adjustable features such as armrests and footrests along with indicators and safety mirrors.  
  1. The K2 has a lightweight carbon fiber seat that allows for better comfort and support instead of the traditional metal chassis. The pushing wheels are in the front and allows the user to easily go ever any obstacles while retaining stability. It has a nitrogen shock absorber and a wheel system that allows the wheels to be slanted for off road stability. 

These wheelchairs allow you to go to places where your normal wheelchair can’t and helps you break the constraints of disability. They give you the flexibility of going to off-road areas such as parks and beach. You also have the option of choosing between manual and electric terrain wheelchairs.