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Today’s world is no longer one where we all exist in our own specific bubbles. Earlier on, the case was that people who spoke one language and were of the same ethnicity would tend to live together. While there was some form of intermingling, it certainly was not as widespread as it is nowadays. Now, it is almost as if our world has shrunk in size with the advent of technology. Even if we do not visit a new country, we can come across people who speak a different tongue so many times over the internet. The internet can let us navigate through the world from the comfort of our homes, and can let us meet all sorts of people who speak different languages. In addition to this, it isn’t the case anymore that people live in the same country that they were born in their whole lives. Travelling is extremely common nowadays. Some of us do it for just fun and to expand our horizons, and we can be travelling to different countries each year. Some do it for more practical purposes, such as moving for jobs or migrating for any other reason. Either way, no matter what purpose it is that we travel for, we need to know the language of the place that we are travelling to so that we can find our way around and interact with the local populace. 

When planning any trip one of the essentials in our bag is obviously a crash course on the language of the country that we are travelling to. Reading through even this can be a hell of a tough time for someone who knows nothing about the language that he or she is attempting to learn. Each language has its own immensely different and intricate mechanics such as writing and pronunciations, and getting the gist of it all is something that we can hardly do while on the plane. In addition to this, one country can have multiple languages that are spoken. There are over 6500 different languages spoken by people all across the globe, and there is no way that we could manage to master even a handful of these. In fact, managing to master a language is such a difficult task that being bilingual or knowing more than two languages is considered a great and extremely important skill to have in today’s world, where people of different nations, ethnicities and languages come together each day.  

However, even in such a diverse world where everyone seems to be speaking a different tongue, there is one language that is universally recognized. This is the primary language of choice when any brand and any company aims to advertise to an international audience. It is the language of science, media and the internet. Of course, we are talking about English. It is easily one of the most popular languages of the world, and is spoken by over 948 million speakers all over the globe. No matter where you set foot in the world, you will be sure to get by if you know English, and have taken an English speaking course in Melbourne 

In many countries, English is the recognized language of the state. In Australia, English is easily one of the most widely spoken languages as well; in fact, it could be considered the most popular language. If you are travelling to Australia, it would be a great idea for you to enroll in an English speaking course. English can be quite an easy language to learn, and with a specific English speaking course within a few weeks, you can be all set to communicate with every person you see on the streets! Not only will learning this language help us increase our social skills, but it can also help us in the workplace as we can get our point across much easier.  

At Milestones English Academy, you can learn how to communicate effectively, confidently and clearly in English. This is a skill that you will carry with you no matter where you go, owing to the immense popularity of the English language. This course can help you get past all the tricky pronunciations so that you can be speaking English like a pro!