A Dog Boarding Guide For Your Small Paws


Going out of city for work? Or, leaving on a family vacation? No matter how hard it is, sometimes you have to leave your baby or babies behind. Well, we are not talking about human babies here for that matter. Your paw babies and fur babies can sometimes become a source of discomfort and constant stress, if you are leaving them. Or, sometimes they might need to get out of the monotonous routine you have set them into, due to your busy schedule. In such cases, the pet owners are always in a dilemma as to what they should do to keep their pet happy and entertained. Here comes the role of boarding and hotels especially designed for these little babies of yours. But what they do, how to find them and how to make sure your dog is going to find the right boarding service? Let’s explore that together. 

Finding Dog Boarding Services 

Most of the times, owners are confused thinking they aren’t going to find an apt boarding service. Or, they think there isn’t one available around the town, as they haven’t heard of it. You will be surprised to know that there is a great quantity of dog boarding in Sydney services or god kennels. You just have to go online to find the ones that are around you. Going online also helps in researching, reading reviews and getting a sneak peek of the place before you visit. Though you can’t compare it to the actual visit, but it gives you an outlook on how the actual experience is going to be. The best option here will be to get recommendations from the trusted contacts and sources. A little experience goes a long way. You will be surprised to know how many people know about the dog boarding services and will be more than happy to help you find one that suits your dog needs. In the end, it all comes down to visiting the places and finding the one that resonates with you and how you take care of your dog. 

Choosing The Right Service 

You might find the services easily but choosing and picking one is a task and half. It is an important decision, as you will be leaving your dog to the place for an ample amount of time. You don’t want the dog to be distressed at a place isn’t worthy of it. You will also be stressing out the entire time. Hence, it is always better to scrutinize a few things before you decide to go ahead with a particular dog boarding service. Start by calling all the places on your list. Discuss what you want out of the entire experience and observe what & how they reply. First impression is the last impression. Remember? So, make sure you analyze how you are being treated. At this stage, you can ask a few crucial questions. Ask if the guests have to be vaccinated and treated. If the answer is yes, then you will be sure your dog won’t be picking up any diseases. Are the kennels staffed throughout the day and how often are the pets fed there? What sort of vet services do the boarding provide, if the dog is to fall sick? Are dogs taken for walks or not? These are the few questions that will help you kick-start. Once you visit the facility, check if the place has a homey feel and is clean or not. Does it feel safe and comfortable for your dog to be left around? Keep in mind all the exercise, food, grooming and sleep schedules as well. 

Prepare Your Dog 

When you would have visited a few services and analysed them well, we are sure one must have definitely popped out. Go with that and start preparing your dog for the boarding adventure. Start by making sure that your dog feels comfortable in the company of other dogs in kennels. So, take him around town to meet fellow dogs. Jot down all the appropriate information related to your dog; food, medications, any special needs, etc.; to help the boarding service. Finally, take your dog for a visit to the place and make him stay there for a day or two to see how he reacts. If all goes good, then we are sure, you have find a perfect boarding service for your paw baby.